Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why the Name?

You're all probably wondering why this blog is called 'Diamonds of Islam' and what exactly I'm referring to. So I thought I should explain!

To be honest I thought of the name in a pretty random way and it was actually when I was in the process of getting some so-called 'free' business cards made (and of course by the end of the order the cards were no longer 'free' and I had been somehow pulled into ordering an extra 250 cards! Sucked in right?) Anyhow I was deciding which background I wanted for some cards that I wanted to make up in order to give my contact details to people to make them aware of the different things that I could perhaps help them with i.e. Islamic classes, exercise sessions, homeschooling, family planning etc. I ended up liking a Diamond background one and had to give the card some kind of 'title' because technically I didn't actualy have a business but needed to put something on the card. Then 'Diamonds of Islam' popped into my head and there you have it! Also along the way, I started a teenage girls Youth Group and they decided to call it Diamonds of Islam too. Alhamdulillah.

Since having the cards made almost 2 years ago, the name has really become quite deep and meaningful to me. Nowadays when I read the name or say 'Diamonds of Islam' it makes me FEEL a sense of honour, inspiration and hope that all Muslims will strive to become true DIAMONDS of Islam.

A definition of the word Diamond that I came across is: "A precious stone or gem excelling in brilliancy and beautiful play of prismatic colors, and remarkable for extreme hardness."

I would hope that Muslims would be like this definition and feel that they are indeed extremely precious, and capable of excelling and becoming brilliant and colourful personalities whilst also being very strong individuals! Inshallah!

To me the true Diamonds of Islam are the mothers  who take seriously their responsibility as mothers, teachers and nurturers of their precious children; the Diamonds are also are the Youth who have all the hope and potential to shape this world; the Diamonds are also the innocent children who are born in total purity in which we should be in awe of, the Diamonds are the fathers who take their role seriously and are dignified maintainers and protectors of their families, the Diamonds are also the Converts to Islam who have made the (often very difficult) choice to embrace this beautiful way of life, and a Diamond of Islam is every other Muslim who strives to do their best for Allah and for their fellow human beings and creations.

How do you feel about the name 'Diamonds of Islam'?

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