Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Rope of Allah

The Rope of Allah
Being Young
It’s not just about fun
It’s about finding yourself
And recognising you’re a servant of Allah - the Only True One
It’s a rough time for most
As you try to find your way
And you struggle to keep your Imaan intact
Each and every day
But hold on tight to the rope of Allah
And don’t ever lose your way
No never lose your way
While the world is going one way
We Muslims must go the other
When we need reminders and support
We should turn to one another.
So turn to your sister, turn to your brother
We have to strengthen and encourage one another.
It’s not an easy path to remain firm on the deen.
You know you have the reality but everyone’s calling you to the dream
But hold on tight, and never let go, no matter what comes your way
Regardless of what they might do to you, regardless of what they might say
Remember all that you are put through will be brought forward on Judgement Day
When we die and meet Allah
We want Him to be pleased with our deeds.
We need to live our life for Him
And not just our own wants and needs.
While the world is going crazy
Indulging in every evil sin
We must control ourselves- we must never give up
And draw strength from within.
It’s easy to be a follower
And just fit in with the rest
But tell me is it worth the effort
To be in Jannah with the best?
If we give in and be weak
Then Shaytaan wins the war
And Allah’s anger we will meet
That will be for sure.
A few wild experiences, a bit of naughty fun
Is not what this life is about
What a waste of potential in sins exponential
And that is without a doubt

I end this poem with a reminder to you
And especially a reminder to me
As we all struggle, each and every day
To achieve spiritual purity
I remind us to hold tight to the rope of Allah
For the sake of our mortal souls
And let the light of Imaan
And the Highest of Jannah
Be our ultimate goals.

This is a poem I wrote as a tribute to the girls of the Diamonds of Islam Youth Group who are a small group of AMAZING young Muslim girls in the Perth community. Mashallah I love them like my own little sisters and I pray that achieve the highest of success in this life and the next. Ameen.