Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Dearest Community,
Assalaamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh
I pray that you are all in the best of health and Imaan. Inshallah (God-willing) in a few days I will be leaving Perth and beginning my Hajj journey (the journey of a lifetime bi-ithnillah!). This will be my first ever trip outside of Australia and no doubt I am sure I will be awestruck and overwhelmed by the things I will experience and see. Please pray for me in my absence and ask that Allah SWT accepts my Hajj and that of all the other Hajjees from around the world.

I would like to take this opportunity to humbly ask you for your forgiveness. I am sure that at some time I may have hurt, offended, upset or neglected to fulfill your rights in some way - either intentionally or unintentionally. May Allah forgive me as well. I am someone who often makes mistakes and I thank those of you who have pointed out my faults and weaknesses to me so that I can correct and improve my condition and better serve Allah SWT and the Ummah.

I hope that those of you that I do not get to see often (or ever) benefit from the online contact we make with each other and I ask that Allah unites our hearts in this life and in the life to come in Jannah. Allahumma Ameen.

Lastly I would like to remind myself and all my dear brothers and sisters that this life is such a short and insignificant journey in comparison to the Hereafter. We really need to re-evaluate what we hold as important to us. EVERYTHING we have is a loan from Allah SWT - our children, our time, our health, our spouses, families, friends, our belongings - EVERYTHING we have is temporary and we will have to part with sooner or later.

So I will pray to Allah that ALL Muslims around the world will respect, appreciate and fulfill the rights of the things that Allah has trusted and blesed us with and that we especially appreciate the blessing of ISLAM For where would we be without this guidance from Allah SWT? I pray that we become the strongest, healthiest, wisest, most responsible and most HONOURABLE people living on the face of this Earth and that we fulfill the role of Khalifatullah (Vicegerents/Ambassadors of Allah on Earth). Allahumma Ameen! Ameen ya Rabb!

Truly, the life of this world is nothing but a (quick passing) enjoyment, and verily, the Hereafter that is the home that will remain forever." (Quran 40:39)
"And know that your possessions and your children are but a trial and that surely with Allah is a mighty reward." (Quran 8:28)
"And strain not your eyes in longing for the things We have given for enjoyment to various groups of them (polytheists), the splendor of the life in this world, that We may test them thereby." (Quran 20:131)
"And put forward to them the example of the life of this world: It is like the water (rain) which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it, and becomes fresh and green. But (later) it becomes dry and broken pieces, which the winds scatter. And Allah is Able to do everything." (Quran 18:45)
"My similitude and that of the life of this world is that of a traveler who took a rest at mid-day under a shade of a tree and then left it." (Ahmad, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and al-Hakim)
Once again I ask for your forgiveness and Duaa please. I look forward to seeing you all when I get back - if Allah SWT permits!

I love you all for the sake of Allah my dear Muslim family!

Wasalamu'alaykum warahmatullah
P.S. If any of you have an important dua that you would like me to make on Arafah day - please write down (about 3 or so) and drop in my letterbox or send via email with the title 'dua' so I can print and take it with me. I WILL NOT look at or read your duaa until Arafah day, and I will mention your name and make your request before Allah SWT Inshallah.

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