Friday, 11 November 2011

Time is Life

Here is a blog article about time that I wrote for a Youth Website last year:


Time is precious. There is a commonly heard saying of ‘time is money’- which is quite a shallow understanding of the value of time. Its value should not be measured by the dollar or the cent, rather for one who truly values their everyday living, they should feel that time is so much more than money. Time is LIFE!
 None of us knows how much time we ultimately have – as sickness and death can be unpredictable and are obviously inevitable (unless you’re superhuman!). Our lives may be as long as 100 years plus or for some it may be a humble 10 or 20 years. No one knows when their time will be up and death is just one of those things you can’t run from. So for us to live our very best lives we need to squeeze every drop of goodness and productivity out of it before it’s all over! With this realisation, we should have a sense of urgency when it comes to achieving our goals, sharing our knowledge and insights with the world and appreciating the little things we often take for granted. It’s like an hourglass where you don’t know how much sand is left before your time is up! Or another way of putting it is that your life is like a block of ice melting in your hand – it is melting away (and life is passing) whether you like it or not so you really have to use your time wisely while you have it!
In this blog I will be listing some ideas and tips on how to effectively manage your daily tasks and get the most out of your time. As someone who always has so much to do (being a young mother of 3, home schooling, managing a household, running  classes in the community, trying to get to the gym regularly and a handful of other responsibilities and hobbies),  I found it very important to structure and organise my time.  I felt a great need to plan ahead in order to get things done and have time to myself and to relax. Without effective time management it can be very easy for daily life to become stressful, unproductive and unnecessarily hectic!
So here are my tips:
·         Aim higher EVERY SINGLE DAY – just imagine how much you will progress if you set your goals higher every day! Whether it be waking up earlier, exercising, reading for personal development, organising your paperwork, being punctual etc. Even the smallest of goals will get you somewhere because you are growing that little bit more every day. If there is something you’ve wanted to start or stop doing then get onto it tomorrow. Development and change are processes that  happen one step at a time.
·         Get things off your mind immediately.W rite things down to remove ‘brain clutter’. When you don’t have to remember all the things you need to do you will be able to better focus on the task at hand and get it done sooner whilst not having to worry about remembering what else you need to do.
·         Oxygenate your blood by regularly exercising. Not only is it great for your health and wellbeing but it will make you look and feel great, relieve stress and increase your alertness, energy and productivity (whilst decreasing your waistline! J)
·         Pre-plan your breaks or ‘chill time’. Study or work in blocks of time and plan ahead when to have your breaks. This will allow you to better focus on your study or work because you will know beforehand when you will give yourself a breather.
·         Delete distractions. Some people may try to call this multitasking but working on an assignment whilst the TV is on and chatting on MSN is not multitasking! It will distract you and steal your time away! Focus on what you need to do, get it done quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy your free time afterwards!
·         Start with the important things at the beginning of the day. There is no use in delaying what you most need to get done so make the habit of doing it early in the day and you will find that you will have more free time and will be a lot more relaxed for the rest of the day!
·         Don’t procrastinate! Remind yourself that life is short. There is so much to learn, achieve and share with others. Look at the world today and the situations of the less fortunate – you have been blessed with great potential and ability so show your appreciation by being proactive and don’t let your talents go to waste because the world needs you!
Here are some interesting facts on how we spend our time.
The average person spends:
·          27 years SLEEPING.
·         10.5 years at work (so make sure you LOVE what you do)
·         10 years watching TV (switch it off and go for a walk!)
·         6 years on the internet (my guess is that this is increasing!)
·         4 years eating (yum yum)
·         4 years standing in line (suprising huh?)
·         3 years in the bathroom (men) and 6 months (women) – (why do guys take so long to do their ‘business’?!?)
Finally, a reminder to appreciate life and take some time to reflect on what it really means to us and if we are valuing it enough and living it to our greatest potential. Our life is like a story book, we know what the story has been so far and we get to decide most of what happens until the ending. Some of our stories will be long and others will be short – the main thing is that we want it to be an exciting story with a purpose and goal. We want it to be filled with achievements, adventure, romance, laughs and so much more.
So time is ticking. The sand is falling. The ice is melting. Your story is waiting for you.

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*If you are having serious problems with managing your time, you might want to look into getting a mentor or life coach to help you break down your tasks and put together a management plan. If anyone would like to share some contacts please share in the comments box below!

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