Friday, 30 December 2011

A Mother's Promise

This poem was written and performed by 10 year old Sara Ozrain at the Diamonds of Islam Youth Group Event on December 17th 2011. It's very impressive Mashallah!

A Mother’s Promise

You little girl are precious to me,
Worth more than the sky and the beautiful sea,
When you were young I had to protect you,
From evil and harm that could easily get you,

You are precious, amazing and alive,
You make me want to achieve and strive,
I want to take you into a world that is good,
Opened up without a covering hood,

You need to be free to live your life,
Without many troubles, hardly any strife,
But that my little dear I know is not possible,
And me, myself can’t overcome the impossible,

So right now I’ll do my best,
Further than the east and the west,
So come my little girl come to me,
Precious like a diamond you are you see,

If you can open up the truth in Islam,
Hold open the door, don’t let is slam,
I need you to realize where you need to be,
Where are the Muslims surrounding me?

We have to do our best to find,
The way that is hidden behind,
All that lasts from this society,
That unleashes fun and anxiety,

So understand what I say,
Remember it, every single day,
We’ll make sure you grow up somewhere,
Full of love and precious care,

True Islam and life begins faraway,
We need to search for it everyday,
We can’t let you stay here anymore,
Or I’ll break my promise that I swore and swore,

You may not notice but I really care,
To find the right place, somewhere,
Every Mother of a child like this,
Goes through tough situations like this,

I promise again that I will find a place,
That will bring with it, peace and grace,
You will love it, sweetie you know,
It will allow your Deen to grow and grow!
As your mother I am responsible for this,
I can’t let Allah down for that or this,
You have to realize that now you’re here,
Life is different, but in a year,

You’ll be used to it and love it so very much,
You won’t want to go back to the other society, not even get a touch,
I told you you’ll like it because I couldn’t be,
A kind of mother who really couldn’t see,

It may not look nice, not even pretty,
But really it isn’t that ugly,
You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover or the way it is,
Because that is how it lives and lives.


  1. mashallah very nice poem! and such a young writer!

  2. Just love this poem and from such a young lady may Allah guide you and your family

  3. I love this poem... It was even better when she read it out on the night. Sara is amazing mashaAllah, so much understanding and only 10 years old.

  4. MashAllah i like this poem.