Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Dearest Mum


I wrote this poem recently to give to my mum just beofre she went into surgery for thyroid cancer. Please remember her in your duaa.


My dearest Mum

Words cannot express what you mean to me,
Words cannot express how I love you deeper than the sea.
It was Allah who chose you to be the mother for me,
It was Allah who chose you to raise me to be who I’m meant to be.
Each day that passes as you grow older,
I hope that you feel more at peace.
Deep in your heart and deep in your soul,
I hope that you feel at ease.
As Allah tests you with sickness and health,
May you always be thankful to Him.
May you always walk in the path of Obedience to Allah,
And not to your desires and whims.
True happiness only comes from submitting to Allah with your entire heart,
The fulfilment and peace that your desperately search for was with Allah from the very start.
Let thikr, duaa and beautiful salaah be your source of strength and healing,
Think about all the blessings you have and let it give you a good feeling.
To be tested by Allah reminds us that the only One we must turn to is He,
For everything else and everyone else is only temporary.
You see, Allah lives on, He has no beginning ,
And verily He has no end,
He is the One, the Eternal
And Peace and Blessings on His Rasul do we send.
Our soul, our rooh, is what will live on,
Yet we starve it from true nourishment.
If we do not feed it with the correct food,
Our lives will lead to punishment.
So turn to the Quran, the words from Allah,
That will give you peace and clarity.
Do deeds of goodness for Allah’s sake,
Like fasting and charity.
I ask that Allah, forgives you your sins and allows this time for you,
To be a source of immense reward,
And may He give you the highest of Jannah too.


Love your daughter,


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