Saturday, 28 April 2012



It's been a good while since my last post naughty me! Alhamdulillah (Praise to God) it's been a good month and a busy one at that. There is a lot going on in the community here in Perth. It's a very exciting time for this 'Islamically young' city of ours. There is much to learn, much to do, much to experience and many to meet. I look forward to the growth and development of our community and the members within it. May Allah guide us to all goodness. Ameen.

You know what, I can't believe it's April ALREADY! Time is just flying by these days. Four months have passed this year and we are only a few months away from Ramadhaan (and yes don't we all get panicky as it creeps upon us). We are all growing and getting older (I turn 27 in May - eek!).

If we think about it, truly time waits for no one. We all get older, there is no fighting it. No one stays the same age, no one can be 'young' forever. Each time and experience is but a passing moment. Once enjoyed and embraced it can never be again. We are only left to look back on what once was. Subhanallah (Glory be to God).

It's quite amazing if you think about how arrogant we can become. Where we end up thinking or feeling that somehow we have any ''control' over our lives. That we somehow assume that all we have is from ourselves or that we are where we are because of our own efforts.

It's important for us to remember that everything we have and everything we are is only due to the Generosity and Power from our Almighty Creator (Allah). Without the Mercy from Almighty God, our heart would cease to beat, our organs would cease to function. Without the permission of the Designer of all things the Earth would not rotate on it's axis, the tiny seed would not germinate, the stars in the sky would collapse. Without Him, our Majestic Lord we would have nothing, we would BE nothing as it was through His Will and Decree that we were brought into existance. All Praise to Allah, the Creator of all that Exists.

Let's humble ourselves. Let's pray. Let's remember Him. Let's worship Him alone. Let's Praise Him. Let's obey Him.

Let's show thanks and gratitude for the countless infinite blessings He has given us by living a life in service to Him. 

Truly He is our Lord, our Maker, our Sustainer, our Cherisher. The Most High, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful.

He is the One True Lord and God of all.

He is Allah.

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