Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Diamonds of Islam Poem


Mashallah one of the many talented members of the Diamonds of Islam Youth Group has written a lovely poem dedicated to the group! Her name is Hadiyah Stephens and she is a 16 year old aspiring author. You can read more of her work here.

The Diamonds of Islam
The youth of today;
So troublesome, so worrisome,
So full of mischief,
So addicted to 'freedom'.

They walk like they own the world,
And everyone else is their slaves.
Not caring for anyone; anything,
But the outdoor interaction they crave.

However, there are those who actually pay attention,
To the evils of the modern day.
They instead, stand straight and proud,
To be on the clear, shining way.

The true youth of Islam
Are the devoted children
Who love and adore,
The religion that brightens.

The darkest room,
The coldest heart,
The word of Islam,
Does not fail to outsmart.

You ask who they are,
These people who want to do right,
These people of youth,
Who, in Islam, they delight.

They are the diamonds,
So pure and clear,
Hidden by screens of Iman,
Protected from ignorant jeers.

They are the diamonds,
Smart and bright
Drawing close their families,
In a soft, warming light.

They are the diamonds,
In the very way they laugh and sparkle;
Trying every day to be their best,
Yet when they fail they don't act sorrowful

They are the diamonds,
That will lend a hand to those moving on,
The next children's mothers
The carers of those too far gone.

They are the diamonds,
The communities treasures;
The strong, precious gems,
That can't ever be tarnished.

They are the diamonds,
The Diamonds of Islam,
Today's tomorrow,
The future's calm.

They stand to teach,
To learn and spread,
The knowledge of the world
The importance of what's left unsaid.

The mark of the individual,
Is formed by the person,
The young woman of today's youth,
Have certainly amazed us.

For they are the diamonds,
The Diamonds of Islam;
And a diamond's echo
Last forever, in the right hands.

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