Saturday, 15 December 2012

Our Home-Grown Martyr


A few months ago, on the day of what was Eid Al Fitr for us in Australia, the Australian Muslim community received the  news that a well-known young Shaykh had died in Syria (Allah have mercy  upon him).

I have a few of his excellent lectures on audio that I bought whilst at an Islamic centre in Sydney and had also attended a conference one where he was one of the speakers. I actually saw him sitting with his little daughters in the back rows of the men's section. That's pretty much as far as the learning and contact I had made with this Shaykh and Da'ee (caller to Islam).

His name was Shaykh Mustapha Al Majzoub.

When I found out that he had died, I couldn't help but be affected and feel inspired and sad at the same time. He died for a noble cause, doing a noble thing. He had left behind his young wife and family and was ready to put his safety and well-being on the line to be there for the people of Syria. He could not sit at home in comfort and security whilst he knew he could get to Syria and answer the people's cries for help. Allahu Akbar.

Whether he went there for aid work or to help defend the people or both (Allahu A'lam), all I know was that from his messages and facebook posts to back home, he was seeing and experiencing the reality of the fight between the oppressor's army and the freedom fighters.

I just thought to myself, what a hero. What a man from the Ummah of Rasulullah SAW. We all say we care so much about what happens to the innocent people's abroad yet we know deep in our hearts (speaking for myself) that we are ever so hesistant to take a real step towards helping. May Allah strengthen our hearts Ameen.

One of my favourite sayings is "Evil will prevail when good people fail to act."
(This is a quote I had originally heard from one of my all time favourite lecturers and Shaykh's, Imam Siraj Wahhaj. Watch his story here.)

Therefore it is the hero's who take action against the evil in this world. The rest of us who sit back and do nothing are merely giving our silent approval of the acts of the evildoers.

Any how, I shall leave you with some links containing some inspiring articles, lectures and reminders of Shaykh Mustapha (May Allah have mercy upon him and bless and protect his family).

I have wanted to write this post for such a long time, (as I find it hard to find time to sit and write) but really felt the need to share the legacy and inspiration that this ONE YOUNG MUSLIM MAN has left behind. We should take him as a role model and especially our youth and young men should learn about what he stood for and taught as a young Muslim who grew up in Australia. Mashallah he was a man of principle and has left behind a powerful legacy as a Shaheed!

May Allah accept Ameen.

Sheikh Mustapha’s last post on his Facebook page was on Aug 3 2012 in which he wrote:

One important lesson I learnt where I am is to never judge a person by the greatness of his biceps or the width of his shoulders or the loudness of his voice or his aggressiveness in front of other Muslims or by the hype talk he repeats, rather judge him by his steadfastness at calamities and on the battlefields.

Subhanallah I met brothers here who from the first instance you might think they are too merciful or weak (due to the way they treat other Muslims), however on the battlefields they are lions that roar. They are stern and firm, they scare their enemies more than 100 men with big muscles. like the way the companions where described in the Quran. (they are merciful towards one another and stern against their enemies).
His blog site

His Beautiful Recitation of Quran

Speech at a Protest to the Evil regime in Syria

The Purpose of Our Life

Words of Positivity from the Shaykh (this is lovely)

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