Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Daily Homeschoolers Schedule for Ramadhan


I wanted to share the Ramadhan schedule we are using this year for our household and for the kids to give you an idea of how you might like to plan your day with your children. We don't follow it down to the minute but rather use it as a rough guide that helps the children know what is expected throughout the day and to keep us on track with our Ramadhan goals. I'd say the schedule is ideal for kids aged 8 and up as the little ones don't need too much of a schedule at such a young age!

5:00 Wake up & Pray Tahajjud.
5:20 Eat Suhoor.
5:50 Pray Fajr.
6:00 Duas and Thikr.
6:10 Quran (New surah, review, tilawah 4  pages)
7:00 Sleep again or homeschooling.
9:00 Get organised, chores.
10:00 Homeschool & Ramadan Activities.
1:00 Thuhr - Quran 3 pages.
2:00 Homeschool & Ramadan Activities.
3:30 Asr – Quran 3 pages.
4:00 Help cook/Tidy up/Read/Lecture/Free time               
5:00 Set the Sufra and Duas.
5:30 Iftar – water, dates, fresh fruit & veg juice.
5:45 Maghrib & Thikr & Duas.
6:00 Dinner – soup & food.
6:30 Clean-up sufra & help with dishes.
7:30 Isha, Taraweeh, Witr, Quran Hifdh.
9:00 Bed time!

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