Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ramadhaan Prep with the Kids!


Ramadhaan is always a special time for our household and it is becoming more and more of a family affair as the kids get older. We like to plan ahead and discuss Ramadhaan from at least a month before to help the children become excited and motivated about the upcoming blessed month.

Now we all know that if we don't plan ahead when it comes to goals and aspirations, then we are likely to fall short of what we seek to achieve in life. Likewise, with the month of Ramadhaan, it is important to set some goals as a family and also to aid your children in preparing for what they themselves would like to achieve.

As a child, I never really had such training or guidance when it came to Ramadhaan and pretty much just fasted as much as I could without any real awareness of the deeper meaning of the month. I don't recall or remember learning anything specific both at home or at school and have only really been able to make the most of the month as an adult after studying and learning about it as an adult alhamdulillah.

As a parent and teacher of my own children, I obviously want more for them than what I myself was able to achieve and experience in my youth and childhood. So that requires me to put in a bit of effort to think ahead and get busy!

Listed below are some of the planning ideas and Ramadhaan activities that I have found to be very helpful in motivating my children for Ramadhaan and fasting.
  • Talk and talk and talk about Ramadhaan so that everyone gets EXCITED!
  • Make a count down chart so the kids can count down the days as the month approaches
  • Start learning about the deeper meaning of Ramadhaan YOURSELF so that you can explain things to the kids, answer their questions and prepare for it yourself too!
  • Watch Ramadhaan lectures together or play them in the house while the kids have 'quiet time' or are playing. They are listening more than we realise!
  • Make a colorful 'Ramadhaan' brainstorm poster as a family and let everyone contribute what they know about Ramadhaan. Don't forget to stick it up somewhere!
  • Let each person write a list of personal goals for Ramadhaan (things they want to commit to doing and things they want to change or improve on).
  • Everyone write a duaa list of things they want to ask Allah for (especially right before Iftar!)
  • Decorate the house or do Ramadhaan themed craft activities.
  • Compile a list of 'good deeds to do during Ramadhaan'
  • Print out some Ramadhaan activity booklets to do with the kids before and during Ramadhaan.
  • Start discussing what the daily routine will be like so that the children are aware of the upcoming changes. We lilke to write up a rough daily schedule so that the kids know what's happening and when.
  • Ask the children if they'd like to cook Iftar for the family and let them take care of everything, from the grocery shopping, the menu and the cooking!
  • Look for different sectors of the community that you can help as a family (e.g. convert support, donate to a halal food bank, volunteer to help out at a community iftar, give charity money to an organisation and let the kids give some of their savings too etc)
  • Start discussing some Eid performance ideas (on Eid day our children do speeches, read poems and sing nasheed for the family).
The ideas are endless Subhanallah!

I found this article to contain some fantastic tips as well, So check it out!

Have a blessed month of worship! Ameen!

Please share what ideas you have in the comments box below!