Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Support the Muslim Women's Support Centre of Western Australia!

Assalaamu'alaykum warahmatullah my dear sisters,

As your sister in Islam who wants the best for each and every one of the Muslim women in Perth and in the world, I would like to request each and every one of you to support an extremely important cause in our community here in Perth. By now, all of you should have at least heard about the Muslim Women's Support Centre and many of you may perhaps have had some involvement with and/or support from them.

The time has come where they would like to officially request your financial support in order for the centre to not only remain open but to grow beyond the services that have been provided thus far. 

As a community we have the responsibility to support such a centre as we may not always be able to help our sisters in need ourselves and this centre can fulfil that responsibility when we (due to our limited skills, experience and capabilities) cannot.

Our community in Perth is growing, and the need for services such as counselling, financial support, language classes, health education, crisis care, youth activities, Islamic classes and more is on the increase. The MWSC is a trustworthy and reliable organisation with decades of experience as well as a transparent track record mashallah. They are also now a registered charitable organisation Alhamdulillah.

So please click on the link below or see the info sheet attached to find out how your regular donation of around $40 per month can allow this organisation to not only be sustainable but to grow to become an amazing community centre for us all to benefit from inshallah.

Just imagine, if we support this cause starting right now, what this organisation could grow to become for our children and grandchildren in the future? 

Please do make duaa for the organisation, for your fellow sisters in the Ummah and all of the team involved in keeping the MWSC up and running. I myself, have witnessed the priceless work that they do, so your can be rest assured that your sadaqah will be a real source of ajr and sadaqah jaariyah inshallah.

It's the last 10 days of Ramadhaan, so the time is now. Let's give now. Give for the sake of Allah SWT in this month when our reward is multiplied!

Please forward this to al of your contacts!

Jazakumallah khairan!

P.S. I've also attached their latest newsletter for you to check out and here is their website and facebook page link below!

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