Friday, 31 January 2014

Please Support the Family of a Child with a Disability

Bismillah & Assalaamu'alaykum

Dearest Perth Community and beyond!

Sister Nurul is a diligent mother and a carer of her miraculous daughter who has cerebral palsy with a developmental disorder, spastic quadriparesis, vision and hearing impairment, seizure and PEG feeding.

Subhanallah. What a test and a blessing to be given by Allah SWT!

What we now need to do is to step up and support our dear sister so that she can afford to get training to do perform her precious 9 year old daughters' specialised therapy herself!

If you would like to take up this opportunity of earning Allah's pleasure and reward, please PM me to inform me of your donation so that I can keep tally of the amount! Inshallah we can do this ASAP!

Deposits can be made directly into dear Mujaheeda Mujhee 's bank account:

Mujaheeda Syeban
Commonwealth Bank
BSB number: 066134
Account number: 1049 7568.

For more details from Mujaheeda's mum about this request please read the message below.

Also, please check out Mujee's blog to get to know more about her amazing personality!


From Mujaheeda's Mum (Sister Nurul),


Once the doctor told me that my daughter, Mujaheeda, has brain damage and that there is no cure for it I turn to Allah and search for what ever possible treatment there was. She was still in the hospital 9 years ago when I read about Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation - ABR program.

Out of all the treatment for Cerebral Palsy this treatment stands out. I really like to do the training but we have to travel to Singapore if we want to attend the training. It was not possible for us at that time because she was really sick. I remember she had reflux which made her vomit after each feeding - we feed her every two hours at that time.

Then, I completely forget about the training as I was busy caring her and doing other treatments with her. Until now she is doing physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy on a regular basis. When she turned 4 years old, I enrolled her to Conductive Education Program at Carson Street School and she is still doing that. On top of that we're doing alternative medicine on and off. She is doing homeopathic, acupuncture, cranio osteopath, hypobaric oxygen therapy, chiropractic and many more. She is also on Botox to relax her muscles. Although she is on anti seizures medications she still has seizures regularly.

By the mercy of Allah, last year we were directed to ABR again and found out that there is a training in Perth so we don't have to travel to Singapore. On March, we went to the assessment and joined the first training. Masha Allah, I can see the difference with what ABR can do to Mujaheeda and I believe this program is beneficial for Mujaheeda in a lot of ways. I didn't go to the last October training because we can't afford the fee at that time.

Insha Allah I am thinking about attending the next training which is going to be this March. The training takes five intensive days where the instructor prescribe the parents with the prescription excercises for the children. The training trains the parents to be the therapist for their own children. Then the parents has to commit themselves to doing the therapy everyday for their children. Before the next training, there will be an assessment to monitor the progress of the children. Then on the next training, usually in 6 months, the parents will be prescribed with a different excercise plan.

ABR aims to restore proper tone to the muscles and internal myofascia of the body. As a result it improves the alignment of the skeleton for the arms and legs to develop increasing muscles mass, improving range of mobility and overall strength so that movement can develop. If you want to learn about ABR here is the link

ABR is a two years program. Alhamdulillah, we have done one training so far and we're going to attend another 3 training which going to cost us $4000 for each training.

So here I am in a very difficult situation to ask you to help us so we could attend the training this March and in sha Allah it would benefit her general health and well being.

I hope to get you to support us in anyway you could especially in your dua.

This is my daughter account details if you intent to help us financially, Mujaheeda Syeban, Commonwealth Bank, BSB number: 066134 Account number: 1049 7568.

May Allah bless us all.


Our Lord! Keep perfect our light for us and grant us forgiveness. Verily, You are Able to do all things ~ The Noble Qur'an (At-Tahrim Chapter 66 Verse 8)

Loving Those With Disabilities


Mashallah a great 8 minute reminder for us all........tears!!!!

These are the people of Jannah Subhanallah! We should wish we had their position with all and not just feel sorry for them!

To be honest I have to say myself that I've always felt anxious around people with disabilities for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing and making them uncomfortable or embarrassed. Allah knows that in my heart I have always had nothing but respect, love and mercy for them but simply am not used to interacting with them!

Inshallah we, as a community can break down these barriers and similar discomforts and make the efforts to include and welcome these special, blessed individuals into our community.

Choices and Temptations


Assalaamu'alaykum all!

This afternoon I was faced with 3 choices as to how I spent my evening.

OPTION 1: A week ago I had made an intention to attend an Islamic class that I had been wanting to go to for weeks but I was still unable to make it. I was all set to go and made my plans to bring the kids etc but a few days ago was faced with another option (aka: a temptation).

OPTION 2: I was invited through a family member to attend a ladies' only party that was likely to yummy food and I'd get to dress up.......and as the ladies like to do at ladies parties - there'd probably be a bit of the 'shake-shake' happening later in the evening! So I thought, Hmmm a ladies night out - sounded like a nice break and night out after a busy few weeks!

Then this afternoon another unexpected option came along.

OPTION 3: My parents and little brothers came over for a late afternoon swim. As it was a bit late I didn't want to rush them out and instead let them enjoy their time and made sabr (despite wanting to get ready to go to class as by this stage I had decided to stick to the class option alhamdulillah). As my parents were leaving mum said, 'Come to dinner with us tonight or are you busy?' I said that I wasn't busy but was planning to attend a class. I then thought a bit and felt bad for turning down mum's offer as it wasn't often that we went out to dinner together. I also realised that spending that time with them instead of going to class on this occasion was also pleasing to Allah SWT. I also then made a second (back-up) intention to try to eat dinner quickly and then head to the class.

Alas, as expected dinner finished too late and I didn't make it to the class (again). Despite feeling disappointed at missing it again I knew that I had made the right decision in turning down the entertaining option for the learning option and then turning down the learning option for the love and mercy for parents option.

Basically, my reflection from these three options was that in life, we will be faced with many choices and temptations. Sometimes the best option will be crystal clear and at other times it wont. The tempting option will pull at you strongly and make you second-think and doubt the right choice. In such cases one's iman (faith) will need to overpower the nafs. The battle will be on!

At the end of it all, with each choice, we need to check our hearts and souls as to what is most pleasing to Allah (and in this case it was realising that pleasing one's parents is also pleasing Allah SWT and even comes second to the Worship of Him - see verse below). Also that sometimes nearness to Allah is attained through means that are not simply acts of worship and Islamic learning environments - it can be through simple service to others and time spent with loved ones.

Anyhow, Alhamdulillah I was blessed to enjoy a meal and dessert with my family (and it's always a bonus when parents want to pay LOL). I hope that my intentions to attend the class were accepted both times. Apologies to the teacher who was probably expecting me! We shall try again next week INSHA ALLAH!

May Allah help us make the right choices and not fall into non-beneficial temptations - Ameen!

I leave you with an ayah and a Hadith that came to mind whilst typing this:

”Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and that be kind to your parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of contempt (Fie), nor shout at them, but address them in terms of fine, correct and honorable words.”  (The Holy Quran, 17:23

'Umar b. al-Khattab narrated that the Prophet (S) said: Deeds are [a result] only of the intentions [of the actor], and an individual is [rewarded] only according to that which he intends. Therefore, whosoever has emigrated for the sake of Allah and His messenger, then his emigration was for Allah and His messenger. Whosoever emigrated for the sake of worldly gain, or a woman [whom he desires] to marry, then his emigration is for the sake of that which [moved him] to emigrate." Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Faithful Fitness 101

A Faithful Fitness testimonial from one of my favourite young people in the whole world; 15 year old Amira....

(Mashallah I have to say, teenagers like her truly inspire me!)

Faithful Fitness 101

Salam People,

I’m going to start this off with one word, “fitness/exercise”. What first comes to mind when one thinks of exercise? Continuous Sprints? Push Ups? Weight Training? I personally think of plyometric exercises, for those of you who do not know what this, I will get Calisha demonstrate for you (Jump lunges, squat jumps, power jumps etc.) <<< (Young Amira then proceeded to make (the extremely surprised) me do these exercises in front of an audience of 100 ladies in full abayah and hijab.......I was truly sprung and so now this experience is very high on my list of the most embarrassing moments of my LIFE!)

This type of exercise I absolutely hate and so whenever anyone mentions it, I’m out. This made the word “exercise” a scary word. But then I found faithful fitness. I first heard about it maybe 3 years ago and it was a boxing class. I loved boxing and thought this was the perfect opportunity to get fit while enjoying myself. I rocked up ready to power through this but then came face to face with plyometric exercises. I decided there and then that if I was to ever really get the full benefit of the class that I’d have to face my pain.

But I didn’t do it by myself; I had continuous support from Calisha and the others to push through. The environment was never degrading and always made you feel welcome. Then this year it changed it’s layout to a boot camp style. Boy, was it tough and painful but it never stopped being fun. We got in a trainer and when she would explain to us an exercise, I’d pretty much burst out laughing due to how ridiculously hard it looked.

However, when one finishes working out, it’s legit the best feeling ever knowing that you have accomplished something, even if you have doms (aka Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). When it stopped at the end of 2013 I was gutted, but it had taught me to love exercise so I went on to continue to exercise at home, researching and making my own plans. It’s benefited me more than I could imagine and now it’s coming back. So think of the reasons as to why you should sign up for it.

Do you want a 6-pack, do you want to get ripped, have some guns, lose weight or just be fit? These are great reasons, but we forget the most important reason for exercise.

Our body is an Ammanah from Allah and we have to care for it. By exercising, we are actually fulfilling that Ammanah. No matter what age, young or old, we should all be out there taking care of our body and having fun while doing so.

Amira (15 years old)

Islamic Studies for Kids & Youth


I just wanted to share two books that I have been using with the kids. They are ideal in the way that they are brief and not too easy nor overwhelming as I have beena ble to use them with my 6 and 11 year old. They have questions and answers at the end of each chapter and practical examples to help kids understand each concept.

Both are written by Sr Aisha Lemu and they are very handy to have if you don't know where to start with your children's Islamic learning at home and want to get straight into it.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Muslim Youth & Identity - An Inside Story.....


Ok, so I'm really sorry to all our readers but I had to remove this post for concern for girl who authored it and the possible social stress that may be caused should any of her school mates figure out her identity.

It's sad I know. Young people can't even be free enough to anonymously share their experiences without it being turned into a reason for the 'meanies' at school to make a big deal out of it!