Friday, 31 January 2014

Please Support the Family of a Child with a Disability

Bismillah & Assalaamu'alaykum

Dearest Perth Community and beyond!

Sister Nurul is a diligent mother and a carer of her miraculous daughter who has cerebral palsy with a developmental disorder, spastic quadriparesis, vision and hearing impairment, seizure and PEG feeding.

Subhanallah. What a test and a blessing to be given by Allah SWT!

What we now need to do is to step up and support our dear sister so that she can afford to get training to do perform her precious 9 year old daughters' specialised therapy herself!

If you would like to take up this opportunity of earning Allah's pleasure and reward, please PM me to inform me of your donation so that I can keep tally of the amount! Inshallah we can do this ASAP!

Deposits can be made directly into dear Mujaheeda Mujhee 's bank account:

Mujaheeda Syeban
Commonwealth Bank
BSB number: 066134
Account number: 1049 7568.

For more details from Mujaheeda's mum about this request please read the message below.

Also, please check out Mujee's blog to get to know more about her amazing personality!


From Mujaheeda's Mum (Sister Nurul),


Once the doctor told me that my daughter, Mujaheeda, has brain damage and that there is no cure for it I turn to Allah and search for what ever possible treatment there was. She was still in the hospital 9 years ago when I read about Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation - ABR program.

Out of all the treatment for Cerebral Palsy this treatment stands out. I really like to do the training but we have to travel to Singapore if we want to attend the training. It was not possible for us at that time because she was really sick. I remember she had reflux which made her vomit after each feeding - we feed her every two hours at that time.

Then, I completely forget about the training as I was busy caring her and doing other treatments with her. Until now she is doing physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy on a regular basis. When she turned 4 years old, I enrolled her to Conductive Education Program at Carson Street School and she is still doing that. On top of that we're doing alternative medicine on and off. She is doing homeopathic, acupuncture, cranio osteopath, hypobaric oxygen therapy, chiropractic and many more. She is also on Botox to relax her muscles. Although she is on anti seizures medications she still has seizures regularly.

By the mercy of Allah, last year we were directed to ABR again and found out that there is a training in Perth so we don't have to travel to Singapore. On March, we went to the assessment and joined the first training. Masha Allah, I can see the difference with what ABR can do to Mujaheeda and I believe this program is beneficial for Mujaheeda in a lot of ways. I didn't go to the last October training because we can't afford the fee at that time.

Insha Allah I am thinking about attending the next training which is going to be this March. The training takes five intensive days where the instructor prescribe the parents with the prescription excercises for the children. The training trains the parents to be the therapist for their own children. Then the parents has to commit themselves to doing the therapy everyday for their children. Before the next training, there will be an assessment to monitor the progress of the children. Then on the next training, usually in 6 months, the parents will be prescribed with a different excercise plan.

ABR aims to restore proper tone to the muscles and internal myofascia of the body. As a result it improves the alignment of the skeleton for the arms and legs to develop increasing muscles mass, improving range of mobility and overall strength so that movement can develop. If you want to learn about ABR here is the link

ABR is a two years program. Alhamdulillah, we have done one training so far and we're going to attend another 3 training which going to cost us $4000 for each training.

So here I am in a very difficult situation to ask you to help us so we could attend the training this March and in sha Allah it would benefit her general health and well being.

I hope to get you to support us in anyway you could especially in your dua.

This is my daughter account details if you intent to help us financially, Mujaheeda Syeban, Commonwealth Bank, BSB number: 066134 Account number: 1049 7568.

May Allah bless us all.


Our Lord! Keep perfect our light for us and grant us forgiveness. Verily, You are Able to do all things ~ The Noble Qur'an (At-Tahrim Chapter 66 Verse 8)

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